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Stay in the know about what’s happening at Celtic Adventures through our regular articles and posts. Our team keeps its ears to the ground and eyes on the next big thing so we can bring those trends to you, so check out the latest stories below.


Primary School Tours

We offer a range of primary school tour options from Junior infants to 6th class.
We also pride ourselves on our whole school option for smaller schools.
For more info on pricing and activity options contact the team on 085 107 0810 or email us on


Secondary school tours

At Celtic Adventures we have a range of options for secondary students to choose from.
Land activities, water activities, Gaisce walks and paddles.
For more information and pricing contact the team on 085 107 0810 or email


Active Academy

Our new Active Academy programme is designed to promote leadership, communication, and group participation through a variety of challenges and challenges. 

For more information on options and pricing please contact the team on 085 107 0810 or email

Schools: News & Updates
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